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Custom Ice Sculptures

in Baltimore and Beyond

From wedding ice sculptures to entire ice bars and everything in between, our team at The Ice God transforms ice blocks into a mosaic of possibilities. 


For locations within 75 miles of Baltimore, our ice sculptures and live ice carvings impress onlookers from all walks of life. All the while, we handle 360° of the delivery, lighting, and drainage setup for zero stress on the day of your event.

Ice Sculptures Baltimore
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The Ice God's Custom
Ice Sculpture Services 

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, planning a festival, or looking for unique ways to decorate your wedding reception, we pride ourselves on offering the best ice sculptures in the Greater Baltimore region. 

As dedicated craftsmen with years of ice sculpting expertise, we strive to bring your vision to life. Our ever-expanding capabilities include:

Ice Sculpture Logos

Bring out the best in your brand with a head-turning ice sculpture logo that incentivizes social media shares with meticulous attention to detail. 

Wedding Ice Sculptures
Full Ice Bars

Made to entertain, our ice bar building services bring a unique touch to any party, offering stunning designs without compromising functionality. 

Wedding Ice Sculptures

Make your special day resonate even more with guests through a personalized ice sculpture as the centerpiece for your wedding reception.

Ice Luges 

With a variety of unique themes and styles, our custom ice luges, also referred to as vodka luges, send shots through an icy channel with a chilling effect all the way down.

Interactive Ice Sculptures 

Perfect for share-worthy photos and memorable moments, our interactive ice sculptures encourage event attendees and party guests alike to get involved on a deeper level. 

Ice Displays & Plates

There’s no better way to chill fruit, seafood, sushi, and desserts than with an ice food display or serving plate, bringing a unique aesthetic to your event. 

Wedding Ice Sculptures
Live Ice Carvings

The process behind our ice sculptures is as intriguing as the finished product. For a unique entertainment option, we’ll craft an ice sculpture live at your event. 


Reach Out Today

Our turnaround times depend on the current season and the scope of your ice sculpture. In turn, we encourage you to reach out early to inquire about our ice sculpting services.

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